Monday, August 14, 2017

Fall registration is open!

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School Age Yoga

6 week session including "My Yoga Journey" Book
Each class will focus on a breath and yoga pose with student learning how each effects your body, mind and spirit. We will also talk about healthy eating, helping our communities and taking care of our bodies.

Start your "Yoga Journey" and bring balance, focus and strength to your child. Free book for each student.
Friday at 4:30
September 15-Oct 20

Preschool Yoga

6 week class full of movement, songs, dance and yoga. Each class will focus on a breath and yoga pose detailed in "Peaceful Piggy Yoga"  by Kerry Lee MacLean ( included with registration.
"Peaceful Piggy Yoga"
Bring calmness and relaxations to your child as Peaceful Piggy Guides each class. Free Book for each student.
Wednesdays at 10:30- Springs Dance
Thursday at 4:30- MAC
September  13-Oct 18

Teen/Tween Yoga

Each 8 week session will explore a yogic principle. Each student receives a journal book and a bead for each class they complete. Save all your beads to create a mala necklace.

Non- harming- Ahimsa- How do you take better care of yourself, how are you kinder to others, how can we be compassionate in difficult situation. Explore these topics in this 8 week session. Journal included.
Mondays 5:30-6:30
September 11-Oct 30

Children's Mediation at MAC

Yoga is built on principles that can change our life. This 6 week session we will focus on "focus"!
Focus: bring your attention to your breath, your senses, to each and every activity you do!
Monday's at 4:30
September 11- Oct 16

Thursday, May 25, 2017

200 hour teacher training with a focus on family yoga and children's yoga

Receive your 200 hour teacher training in addition to your 95 hour Yoga Alliance Children's Yoga teacher certification. It is a great way to walk away with a comprehensive understanding of teaching yoga to adults, families and children of all ages.

Class begin January 12th and runs twice a month for 9 weekends ( Friday Saturday and Sunday).

Eary bird price $2800 before Nov 1.
Regualr price $3200

200 hour Training

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

September 22, 23rd, 24th 

8am-5pm each day

No yoga experience necessary. This  30 hour training will help you learn how to format a children's yoga class, teach poses that are appropriate for different age groups, learn games that help children focus and concentrate,  build mindfulness to reduce stress and help children learn to self regulate behavior in addition to team building activities- skills that you can use with any group of children you work with. Great for teachers, day care providers, home school groups, youth camp leaders and parents!
Join us for 3 days of fun!
Early bird price through Aug 1st- $600
Regular Price $650